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Best Kept Travel Secrets eBook launch

by Jessie Kwak | 19 May 2010 No Comment

Sorry for the silence lately–we’ve both been working long hours trying to save up money for more travels, then biking long hours to relax, instead of sitting long hours at the computer.

Tripbase.com launched a project last fall to get travel writers to share their best-kept travel secrets. We participated, and now they’ve collected everyone’s posts into a series of ebooks. From their website:

The Story Behind the Secrets
This eBook series is the result of a unique collaborative project, the first of its kind to take place on the Internet.

Starting with just one blog post back in November 2009, the Travel Secrets project spread quickly with 200 amazing travel bloggers revealing their most closely guarded travel secrets.

The secrets were too good not to share! So we’ve compiled all 500 of them into a series of inspirational travel eBooks, available for free download right now!

From secluded beaches to bargain hotels, exotic foods and expert travel tips, this wealth of insider travel knowledge is available now, absolutely free!

You can download them here. For every download they’ll be donating $1 to Charity: Water.

We’re in the WorldWide Travel eBook, and there’s a ton of other great stuff in there about South America. Check it out!

Written by Jessie Kwak

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