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Reviewing Art of Solo Travel: A Girl’s Guide.

by Jessie Kwak | 3 June 2010 2 Comments

There’s a long ramble ahead, so if you just want to know more about Stephanie Lee’s new e-book The Art of Solo Travel: A Girl’s Guide, out now from Indie Travel Media Ltd., go right on over

When I was 20, I took my first steps out into the world of solo travel. I had just spent a month in Spain with a school group, and I was planning on ending my trip with a week in Holland visiting relatives. The week of travel that would take me from Spain to Holland felt like a trapeze stunt–I was released from Salamanca and I went soaring through the air, wildly hoping that I would be caught safe and sound by my relatives.

It was terrifying, nerve-wracking, amazing, lonely, and life-changing. I planned the trip out to the minute, and at my mom’s insistence I booked all my hotels ahead of time. Maybe that took some spontenaity out of the trip, but in the end it was a major relief for a first-time solo traveler.

I don’t book ahead anymore, I’m no longer afraid of French people, and I’ve learned how to ask for and receive directions in languages I don’t understand. I rarely remember to bring addresses and maps, but I usually end up where I’m going (remind me to tell you the story of when my dad let me plan our trip to New York. “I can’t believe I let you travel on your own all these years,” were his exact words. But we found the hostel eventually, right dad? And they eventually got us a new flight, didn’t they?).

What’s my point? It’s that traveling on your own for the first time can be terrifying.

Stephanie Lee parses through that terror in her new e-book The Art of Solo Travel: A Girl’s Guide. She answers questions like why travel and where should I go? Doesn’t it get boring eating alone every day? Is it safe? What should I pack? Stephanie draws from her own experience for this guide, discussing what gear she likes and why, what “essential items” she leaves at home (I agree about money belts–I keep taking one with me, but it never leaves the bottom of my backpack).

For girls (for anyone, really) who are contemplating taking that trapeze-leap of faith out into the world of solo travel, this is a great beginning guide, and a great reference. If you or someone you know has got the travel bug but is still nervous about diving in, you need this book.

Written by Jessie Kwak

I am a farm girl who moved to the big city, and then just kept right on moving. I love camping, hoppy beer, and good conversations. See all posts by


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