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Centro Lima, Peru: Nuts and Bolts

by Robert Kittilson | 12 April 2010 No Comment

Welcome to Centro Lima, Peru: Nuts and bolts. In regards to bus travel in Lima; if you’re not sure if the bus in front of you is going where you want to go, then ask. Just blurt out the area or a landmark to the bus wrangler (the guy standing in the door yelling at you). This time, all information will be on the interactive map. This map is a key to getting around Lima (by bus) from the Centro area, and to find nearby bus lines or the Train station. There are many more notable landmarks in Centro Lima, but you can find that stuff everywhere. So, check this out. Click the map to get to the interactive map page.

Lima Centro

If there is any bus information missing or anything that you (the reader) would like to add fee free to contact me at, Robert@UnpavedSouthAmerica.com

Summer in February: A Memoir of Lima, Peru and Its Beaches
by Marie Mcnair Alvarez-calderon

Written by Robert Kittilson

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