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Magdalena, Lima Peru: Nuts and Bolts

by Robert Kittilson | 29 March 2010 No Comment

Welcome to Magdalena, Lima Peru: Nuts and bolts. This is the first of many parts of an “over all” Lima bus trajectory list and guide to moving about the area. We have added a few landmarks and markets to see, if you’re staying in the area. In regards to bus travel in Lima; if you’re not sure if the bus in front of you is going where you want to go, then ask. Just blurt out the area or a landmark to the bus wrangler (the guy standing in the door yelling at you). For more great info about Magdalena, check out Jessie’s post about the area. Click on the map below for a link to an interactive map of Magdalena Lima Peru.

Magdalena: Nuts and Bolts.

Magdalena: Nuts and Bolts.

The Green thumb tack:

Head to this intersection to catch buses taking you anywhere you want to go. On the North side of the footbridge catch buses going West to La Punta and the Airport. For areas North and East stay on the South side of La Marina. Click here to see some of the Buses that come by this Intersection.

The Red thumb tack:

Brazil and Javier Prado is a great place to catch a bus to Centro Lima or Miraflores and Barranco. Click HERE to see Bus photos…exciting.

Light Blue thumb tack:

Most buses that say Magdalena should use this street. Click Here to see photos.

Purple Marker:

Iglesia Inmaculada Corazón de Maria (corner of Sucre and 28 de Julio) is the neighborhood’s main landmark. The church’s unique 5-story teal and pink dome is visible from most of the neighborhood, especially at night when the church’s facade is brightly lit. It is topped with a statue of the Virgin Mary by Ariquepeño artist Freddy Luque Sonco. – words by Jessie Kwak.

Yellow house: Huaca Huantille

Lima is stuffed with old temples, and Magdalena has one of their own.

Green Backpackers: Tambopacaya

Our buddy Scott and his GREAT Hostel.

Yellow Marker: Magdalena’s Malecón

Magdalena’s Malecón is a work in progress, and although it’s not as beautiful as Miraflores’, it can be a pleasant place for a walk in the sunset—just avoid young necking couples and the kids on bikes, as it seems to be a popular place to go when you’re learning to lose the training wheels (take that how you will).

Blue Marker: Valencia

Come here to strut your stuff or buy stuff or look at people buying stuff and strutting their stuff.

Neon Green marker: Madalena Market

The main market in the area and a great place so save money on produce or just about anything else. Enter on the NW corner or on the South side.

Light Blue Marker: Vivanda Grocery

High end grocery store.

Red Marker: Candy Grocery

Low end grocery store.

If there is anything in this article that has changed or that you may want to add, please let me know at Robert@unpavedsouthamerica.com. Cheers.

Written by Robert Kittilson

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