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Jessie Kwak


I am a farm girl who moved to the big city, and then just kept right on moving. I call Seattle my home, but I’m really quite happy traveling, hiking, and camping anywhere in South America with my husband and partner, photographer Robert Kittilson. So long as the food is good and the beer and coffee are passable, that is.

I believe that travel connects people in powerful ways, and that as travelers we can choose to impact the world we live in for the better or the worse. It’s my hope that this website will be a drop in the bucket for good.

Contact: jessie @ unpavedsouthamerica.com

Robert Kittilson


I am an Ex-Bike Messenger turned freelance photographer based out of Seattle, currently traveling with my wife and partner, writer Jessie Kwak, throughout South America in search of Fútbol Jerseys and unique bicycles. I have been riding and crashing bicycles from an early age, and having had the opportunity to work and support myself on a bicycle gives me a unique perspective in a country where many people support their families by cycling.

Also, the recent addition to the MLS of the Seattle Sounders has only made me a bigger futbol/soccer fan. Futbol here in S.A. is crazy big and it is a goal of mine to see as many matches as possible, and of course collect jerseys from local and national teams. Very soon I will have to start jettisoning underwear and socks to make room for more jerseys.

Contact: robert @ unpavedsouthamerica.com


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