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[25 Mar 2010 by Steven Roll | Comments Off on Travelojos’s Steve Roll interviews Ben Box | ]
Travelojos’s Steve Roll interviews Ben Box

In this interview, Steve Roll of Travelojos talks with Ben Box, author of the South American Handbook, about Peru’s struggle against the perception that Cuzco is all there is to Peru. Ben points out some interesting alternatives to Machu Picchu and shares why he thinks it’s safe to visit certain regions of Peru and Chile that remain unaffected by the recent natural catastrophes.

STEVE ROLL – The area surrounding Peru’s main attraction, Machu Picchu, was hit hard by floods last month and won’t be available to tourists until April. Even before …

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[1 Feb 2010 by Jessie Kwak | Comments Off on Flor and the Mystery Waterfall | ]
Flor and the Mystery Waterfall

It was beautiful there so high above the town of Celendín: eucalyptus trees marched in single file as windbreaks edging the fields, their bark peeling off in long strips, their dried leaves crunching underfoot. They smelled fresh and faintly herbal. Some of the fields look recently tilled, but most were still fallow for the winter months. Ghosts of corn stalks rustled like paper in the wind. We were trespassing, cutting through fields on hard-packed footpaths, skirting far from the adobe farmhouses. I was nervous—where I’m from, the reaction to strangers cutting through your field is suspicion at best.