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[13 Mar 2010 by Jill Greenberg | Comments Off on On the Pavement in Buenos Aires | ]
On the Pavement in Buenos Aires

As a committed cyclist in the US, I knew biking had to be a big part of my life when I moved to Buenos Aires. The city proper has just 3 million people (the metro area is 13 million), but don’t think that’s peanuts. After all, BsAs is more densely packed than New York City. With that kind of crowd, you can image what you’d be competing with in the streets if you were on a bike. Bottom line is that the streets are more stuffed with moving vehicles than an Argentine parilla with meat on a Sunday afternoon.

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[26 Feb 2010 by Robert Kittilson | 3 Comments | ]
Photo Essay: Bicycles and Tricycles in Peru.

When we left the United States in September of 2009, I left my last remaining bike hanging on a hook in my moms garage. I have longed for its touch ever since. I had, in the months prior our departure, been living with Jessie in her 400 sq foot studio with three bicycle of mine and one of hers. Well, our marriage and our new living arrangements (backpacks), reduced me to selling my two track bikes. So I focused my longing for my remaining bike by trying to capture their usefulness and importance to the local communities all around Peru. And, thanks Jessie for waiting for me every time I want to take “another” bicycle photo.

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[17 Feb 2010 by Jessie Kwak | 4 Comments | ]
The road from Cajamarca to Chachapoyas

It’s hard to admire the view while pretending your bus isn’t clinging to a mere ribbon of road floating above a thousand meter drop, but the road between Cajamarca and Chachapoyas is nothing if not admirable. The road is gashed across the mountainside, a single lane of hairpin curves that winds through an amazing cross section of Peruvian microclimates, from terraced farmland to arid desert, from semi-tropical fruit groves to fog-shrouded cloud forests. Our 2007 guidebook still says that the road is in poor condition and buses are infrequent, but within the past few years the road has been reworked to make it safer, and transportation options have improved.