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[9 Apr 2010 by Robert Kittilson | 7 Comments | ]
Traveling and Portraits in Peru: Part 2

This is the Second installment of Traveling and Portraits in Peru and again we meet great “5 minute friends” and wonderful long term buddys. Looking at all of these photos brings back good memories and helps cement them in my brain for a little while longer. Please feel free to do the same. Enjoy.

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[5 Mar 2010 by Robert Kittilson | 3 Comments | ]
Traveling and Portaits in Peru: Part 1

The most memorable part of any trip, for me, are the people you meet along the way. In this two part Photo Essay you will see people who we barely knew and people we will be connected to intimately, forever. Please connect here and keep a look out for the second part of this Traveling and Portraits in Peru.

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[26 Feb 2010 by Robert Kittilson | 3 Comments | ]
Photo Essay: Bicycles and Tricycles in Peru.

When we left the United States in September of 2009, I left my last remaining bike hanging on a hook in my moms garage. I have longed for its touch ever since. I had, in the months prior our departure, been living with Jessie in her 400 sq foot studio with three bicycle of mine and one of hers. Well, our marriage and our new living arrangements (backpacks), reduced me to selling my two track bikes. So I focused my longing for my remaining bike by trying to capture their usefulness and importance to the local communities all around Peru. And, thanks Jessie for waiting for me every time I want to take “another” bicycle photo.

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[14 Feb 2010 by Robert Kittilson | Comments Off on Fairmail and Kids and photos. | ]
Fairmail and Kids and photos.

While based in the surfing village of Huanchaco for six weeks, we volunteered in Trujillo for a organization called Fairmail. Fairmail produces postcards and the kids produce the pictures for them. Each person in the program gets a cut of the postcards sold with their photo on them. Fairmail puts the money in a special account for each kid and dispenses it properly. Some kids help out their families and others buy surf boards. They are learning how to survive in a vicious world.
The job requirements were to be …

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[12 Feb 2010 by Robert Kittilson | One Comment | ]
Photo Essay: Peruvian Futból Portraits

Three months in Peru we have seen four futból matches. Fotos of Futból Fanatics found here. Each time I would bring my camera along and capture some of the mayhem. I soon learned there is much more passion in the stands than on the field. The following photos are portraits of some of the most dedicated people in the world. Cheers to you, Peruvian Futból Fanatics.

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[6 Feb 2010 by Robert Kittilson | 4 Comments | ]
Trekking Adventure Huaraz, Santa Cruz.

This was our first big chance to soak up the outdoors here in Peru, and soak it up we did. It rained consistently for the first two days, but in the end it was worth it, and the last day and a half were beautiful. I would highly recommend this great adventure and experience to anyone coming to Peru.

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[1 Feb 2010 by Robert Kittilson | 10 Comments | ]
Photo Essay:  Machu Picchu

How do you get those Machu Picchu photos with no people in them? It really wasn’t difficult at all, since everyone in the Peruvian government is a fan of Unpaved South America dot com. We arrived early via our private helicopter, thus bypassing all the protesters and lines of tourists who were unable to enter the site. Thanks to everyone out there who helped make this possible!

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[1 Jan 2010 by Robert Kittilson | Comments Off on Colonial Tourism in Spanish Trujillo. | ]
Colonial Tourism in Spanish Trujillo.

Founded in 1534, guidebooks call Trujillo one of the most colonial cities in Peru.