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[7 Apr 2010 by Robert Kittilson | One Comment | ]
Midweek Snack: Raspadillas Dante

Perfection is what I desire, so when we stumbled across these, I knew I needed nothing more in life. The snow-cup, you might call it, comes with your choice of flavors: Strawberry (fresa), Mango, Tamerind, Guanábana, Mint, Piña, Limón (Lime). Forget about those High Fructose corn syrup mixed with some kind of chemical snow cones of your past, Dante’s has only fresh squeezed freshly pureed freshly sugared tastiness.

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[3 Mar 2010 by Robert Kittilson | 2 Comments | ]
Midweek Snack: Peruvian Sauces

Everywhere we went in Peru we were offered a pepper sauce that was different every time and often hot as hell. So, nearing the end of our 2009/2010 trip we wanted to get the recipes for a few different sauces that we have encountered, so we asked Scott of Tambopacaya to help us out. The first was the before mentioned Salsa de Aji (Pepper sauce), but no one calls it Sauce of the Pepper, they just call it Aji (Pepper). The second was a sauce we were introduced to in Huanchaco at our favorite Burger joint El Generoso, Generous Sandwich, called Chimichurri.

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[24 Feb 2010 by Robert Kittilson | One Comment | ]
Midweek Snack: Chicharron de Pescado

We have enjoyed this plate at El Anzuel (730 Av. Victor Larco, Huanchaco Peru) a few times now and have lusted for it since the first taste. Other restaurants, almost all, serve this dish, but no one else in Peru can stand up to the Heavenly pillows of deep fried goodness that are produced here in Huanchaco.

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[10 Feb 2010 by Jessie Kwak | 3 Comments | ]
Midweek Snack:  Comida Ariquepeña

Rocoto Rellena, Pastel de Papas, Queso Helado, and Chicharron de Cerdo! Arequipeños are rightfully proud of their local cuisine. Many of Peru’s local dishes can get a bit repetitious (fried meat, rice, slice of tomato) but in Arequipa the sheer variety of local specialties can be overwhelming, in a very good way. We attempted to sample as many of these dishes as possible for your edification…. Buen Provecho!